DiagnosticGame app:  E Game Visual Acuity

Self-Testing Binary Choice:  When Es are oriented the same, PRESS Yes, When Es are oriented differently, PRESS No. Simple, Pre-verbal, any language.  To screen for myopes, have the subject wear +2.5 D lens during testing, Right/Left testing glasses are available at VisionPerformance.store.

Tutorial slideshow

For E Visual Acuity Choose "E"
Enter Name of the Subject
Choose "Name" from File or Type "Name"
Choose "Qualify' for Tutorial
Choose "Play" to Begin Vision Testing
Ask: "Are the "Es" the SAME?
When the "Es" are rotated in the SAME direction, Click "YES". When the "Es" look DIFFERENT, Click "NO".
Are the "Es" the SAME?
Click "NO"!
Success, the Subject Understands
Ready to "PLAY"!
Choose "PLAY"
Starts Testing
Dial down t the Starting Letter Size
Range for 20/400 to 20/20. Speeds the Exam. If Selected Acuity is not Achieved an ERROR message will appear.
Starting with 20/60 Letter Size
ERROR Message
Starting Acuity of 20/60 was not achieved, a large letter size should be tried.
Dial Up to Larger Letters
See the 20/400 in the lower left corner? In the Lower Right Corner is the Eye being Tested.
Starting Letter Size Larger, 20/400
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