DiagnosticGame app:  Equalizer

Instructions: Touching the DIMMER square brightens that image.  Toggle up and down the brightness scale until the TOP and Bottom squares appear the same brightness, then touch EQUAL to make your selection, just that simple.

PURPOSE: Balances a relative afferent defect also known as RAD

View Slideshow tutorial....touch any image

Quantifies Relative Brightness
No glasses. Determines if the subject understand brightness and game rules.
First "Qualify' Screen
Bottom image is dimmer and subject touches to brighten.
Last "Qualify" Screen
Images are of equal brightness and the subject confirms by touching EQUAL.
Ready to Play
Choose PLAY
Starts the brightnesss comparison series.
PUT on Polarizing GLASSES
Polarizing glasses must be worn to perform the test correctly.
Touch the DIMMER Image
Touching the DIMMER image brightens that image, touching the BRIGHTER image will dim that image. Can go back and forth.
Touch EQUAL to Finish
The Top and Bottom images should appear same or as close as possible.
Finished Game
Should repeat until two results are the or within 0.3 log units.
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