Pinhole Lens Clip

  • Used during visual acuity testing to establish the retinal acuity acuity.

  • Useful in eyes with refractive errors or mild Cataract.

  • Simply attach Pinhole Lens Clip to the glasses while occluding the opposite eye.

  • Panoramic feature allows complete visualization of the screen for easy selectiion of enpoint, YES or NO keys.

Panoramic Pinhole w/o 2.5 D Lens
Pinholes surrounded by clear areas allows a wide field of view plus the acuity improvement of a small aperture. The 2.5 D Lens is rotated out of the line of sight.
The Panoramic Pinhole plus Near Lens
The near +2.50 diopter in roated down into the line of sight. The +2.5 Lens improves the pinhole effect at 16 inches, the recommended testing distance.
Traditional Pinhole Lens w/o Lens
Traditional Pinhole with 2.5D Lens
The tried and true pinholes with no surrounding clear zones causes tunnel vision and requires more head movement to see the YES/NO keys.
Shows +2.5 Lens rotation.
One lens is in the line of sight and the other lens is outside the line of sight.
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