DiagnosticGame app: Stereopsis

  • Measure stereo acuity from 3200 to 40 seconds of arc.

  • Calibrated Red/Cyan glasses required (sold separately).

Tutorial slideshow..click a silde:

SELECT Qualify or Play
If this is the first time playing, choose Qualify.
Put on RED/CYAN Glasses
3D can not be seen without the RED/CYAN Glasses.
Qualifying Image
Subject touches the TOP fused circle appearing to be coming out of the screen towards the subject wearing RED/CYAN glasses
Success; Sees 3D image
If patient fails to see image, advance to a smaller 3D image, such as, 640 seconds of arc. Some people can't fuse very large 3D images.
Select PLAY
Select Starting Level
Scroll Down to starting point 3200 to 40 seconds of arc. Saves time but risks the need to restate at a larger level.
80 Seconds of Arc Selected
Subject must achieve this level to prevent error message and restarting.
Put on Glasses Prompt
Need RED/CYAN glasses to see 3D.
Opoos, Choose larger than 80
Subject failed to achieved the 80 seconds of arc selection, choose large 3D image to start.
320 Seconds of Arc Selected
Larger starting point
Success, Finished
Final result 40 Seconds of Arc, see the 40 in the right lower corner. Also seen in Results Page.
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