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Data Handling Tutorial

  • Preview
    At the end of each tests is an immediate result In the lower left or right corner of the testing screens.  Proves a clue to repeat or end the session.

  • Results Section: view, delete, or e-mail.

  • Send pdf file to an email address

  • Archive, remain on iPad after sent.

  • To delete you must delete each test individually.

Tutorial Gallery

Test Completion Notice
Note result in lower right corner, 1.5 OS (defect left eye of 1.5 log units). Decide to repeat or close.
See Result Page
Click bar to open detailed results.
Detailed results opened
Scroll to see the results of the various tests done by the subject. Touch the Bar again to CLOSE the file.
PDF format of results
Click pdf icon right upper corner to access email details.
emails form
enter email address and subject information.
Envelope icon means SENT
The file remains on the iPad after emailing.
Deletion of data
Touch the Trash Can icon to initiate delete, prompt will appear to confirm deletion.
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