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MacDx is a automated Dark-Adaptation test of the macula.  Unlike extrafoveal Dark-Adaptation devices which measure periphral photoreceptor dark adaptation, MacDx measures cone dark adaptation in reference to rod light adaptation.  The test measures the immediate macular funciton.  The automated program in supplied loaded on a Mobile Graphic Display Device(TurnKey).  The program includes a tutorial and instructions on method of testing and saving the test results.  The program presents adequate light stimulation to the macula to bleach the photoreceptors. The recovery time is measured in seconds and displayed for noting or photographic documentation.

In brief, the subject views a light stimulus with one eye for a prescribed period. A Bull's eye annulus is then presented, and the subject indicated when the dark bleached central area of the Bull's eye (cones) becomes of equal color or brightness as a surrounding ring of the annulus stimulating peripheral retina (mainly rods). The endpoint is when the center and ring of the annulus appear equally bright, which is signaled by simply touching the screen. It is well documented that some diseases of the eye are associated with a prolonged recovery time after bleaching (see references). The recovery time can vary with the conditions of testing. Typically, the end-user standardizes the test by testing normal subjects to determine the normal recovery time under the lighting condition chosen for testing. Prolonged recovery time suggests a disease of the macula which requires substantiation by further eye evaluation.   AMA Optics, Inc is not responsibility for interpreting the test results.


Upon purchasing the MacDx adaptometer at the CART, an invoice will be sent to your email address.  The price includes a $500.00  Graphic Display Device deposit and 12 month lease at $300.00/month.  The price includes techical support to ensure the operator understands the protocol and  a qualifying tutorial must be completed prior to confiramtion of the purchase.  A lease document will be sent to the approval by the purchaser.  Questions call: 305 389 0928.


MacDx: Dark Adaptation

  • Each subscription is for a  3  month period.  The program can be used as much as desired during the subscription period for the specified email address. 

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