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The combination of polarizing filters attached to the screen and the polarizing glasses isolates the right and left eye vision for comparative brightness analysis. AMA Optics certifies the correct matching of the polarizing filters. Do not use other polarizing filters. The set consists of a Top and a Bottom square filter that fit over the Top and Bottom images of the Amblyometer game or the Equalizer game. The correctly positioned filters separate binocular vision. The filters have an adhesive back that firmly attaches to the iPad screen. The filters can remain on the screen or be removed and replaced. For storing the filters is a case. Carefully remove and replace the filters to prevent damage to the adhesive layer. The top filter blocks the view of the right eye and identified by one oblique corner, oriented up and right when attaching to the iPad screen. The bottom filter blocks view of the left eye and identified by two oblique corners, oriented down when attaching to the iPad screen.

Polarizing Companion Filters