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High-Beamer GLARE TEST

Mimics on-coming automobile headlights, the most common Glare complaint. Provides adjustable brightness with dial-in the digital precision.  Choose the desired brightness by adjusting the slide potentiometer while observing the the digital voltmeter which is linearly related to brightness in LUX.  Allows documentation of the level of disability and the progression over time.  Each unit is calibrated and a conversion chart is provides for easy conversion of volts to Lux.  The SAM (High-Beamer™) displays two lights, one on either side of the line of sight that gives the appearance of on-coming headlight. The lights are side-side LED bulbs of 2 mm diameter, just like on-coming headlights. A potentiometer with a digital readout allows dial-in precise illumination anywhere on the scale of Low to High brightness.  Lens Holder for trial lenses is sold separately.  1 year Warranty.  Consider 10 Year Extended Warranty.

High Beamer Spotlight Glare

  • Technical Data for BAM Spot™

    Weight 6 ounces

    Power: 9 Volt battery

    Digital voltmeter shows power status

    Digital voltmeter equates to light brightness

    Two 2 mm L.E.D bulbs

    Adjustable Low to High brightness
    Brightness:  0.20 to 1.35 kLUX, measurements taken at the viewing port.

    Battery Power Level

    Change or charge the battery when the voltmeter reading nears 7.2 volts

    Battery Changing (any 9 Volt Battery)

    •Place fingernail below clip, depress and pullout

    •Slide tray completely out

    •Press through the bottom tray opening to eject the battery

    •Replace with new 9 Volt battery or recharge if rechargeable

    •Connect battery to terminals before putting in the tray

    •Slide battery into tray with connectors aligned* with slots

    •Insert tray into BAM Spot™

    Three years warranty

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