RAM Solo, the smallest potential vision tester one Earth. Clinically proven to accurately predict post-op visual acuity. Retinal Acuity testing identities pathology not disclosed by OCT or the Eye examination. Forecasts the expected outcome. It is the Best practice to test every cataract patient prior to surgery to prevent unpleasant surprises. All outcomes are not 20/20, discover those that will not be 20/20.  more info  

Never think of missed diagnoses again.

Dr. Gulani's GOLD.  YouTube Video. 


RAM PRIME, the most complete potential vision tester on Earth.  Models are RAM PRIME, RAM PRIME XL and RAM PRIME ETDRS.  Provides testing of Potential Vision, Standard Visual Acuity, and ETDRS research acuities.  Clinically proven for Potential vision testing and ETDRS testing.  Identifies pathology not disclosed by OCT or the Eye Exam. Remember, not all outcomes are 20/20, allows you to discover which patients will not be 20/20.  Many useful options...more info

Dr. Gulani's GOLD.  YouTube Video.



ETDRS PRIME eliminates the need for a dedicated lane to ETDRS testing.  This portable ETDRS testing device is hand-held and can be taken from lane to lane or office to office.  Comes with Chart 1, Chart 2 and Chart R.  Also can be used for potential vision testing with an optional chart.  Study at Wills Eye Hospital found excellent correlation to standard ETDRS testing.  See RETINA 0:1–8, 2015.



Demonstrates glare disability.  Patented technology.  


1, High Beamer BAM, the glare mimics "Oncoming Headlights Glare", the most common glare complaint.

2. Flood BAM Flood: the glare mimics "Picture Window Background Glare"


High Beame BAM: $625.00

Flood BAM Spot: $725.00.


DiagnosticGame site link                                  Download app from Apple Store

  • For adults and children

  • In Home, School, Office testing

  • Automated Self-Test

  • Tests

  1. Visual Acuity

  2. Color. Vision

  3. Stereopsis

  4. Brightness-Sense

  • Amblyopia

  • Optic Nerve Disease

  • Glaucoma


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