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 BAM Deuce Glare Tester,  Two Glare Tests in 1 Device!   
     DOCUMENT BOTH Floodlight and Spotlight Glare
#1. The Ultimate Glare Tester
                     BAM Deuce $999.00
                                  LESS 15%
   NET $849.15 
 #2. The Ultimate Pre-Op Evaluation
                      BAM Deuce $999.00  for Glare Testing
                      RAM Solo    $999.00 for Potential Vision
                             LESS      25%
                               NET  $1,498.50  

~AMA Optics~


the patented hand-held test for dark adaptation of the macula on your mobile device.

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BAM Deuce Spotlights On

2 Tests 1 Device, evaluates glare spotlight (mimics on-coming headlight) and floodlight (mimics sunlight shining through windows).